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Citywide Fire Sprinkler

Citywide Fire Sprinkler is a licensed fire sprinkler company providing fire safety services in New York City. Citywide performs fire sprinkler repair, design and installation, as well as monthly fire sprinkler inspections, and quarterly testing, and annual maintenance.

Citywide is a full service fire safety services contractor providing fire sprinkler services to all five boroughs of NYC. We perform all of our work under the most current version of the NYC Fire Code and NFPA 25. We guarantee our work is in full compliance with NYC building standards. When you work with us, you can be sure that you're receiving only the best service available.

Licensed fire sprinkler technician

Standpipe Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Pump Testing

Stair Pressurization

Hydrostatic Testing

5-Year Obstruction Investigation

We deliver peace of mind.

Citywide Fire Sprinkler of NYC - Providing fire sprinkler services to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island.

National Fire Protection Association American Fire Sprinkler Association New York Fire Sprinkler Contractor's Association New York City Fire Department

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