Standpipe Systems - Important Information
Standpipe Systems

Standpipes have been a fixture since 1912 when the first NFPA 12 manual was published. Providing the industry with the design and layout specifications. Standpipes are a critical component of the fire protection system.


A standpipe is an extension of the fire hydrant installed into the building with fire hose outlets ready to supply water. These fire hose stations are sometimes found is floors below ground such as basements or in parking garages but always rising vertically to supply upper floors.


The Fire Department has more regulations and oversight over the standpipe as it does for automatic fire sprinklers. The standpipe is a centerpiece of the fire protection system and the main fire fighter supply pipe to control and fight fires.

When fire fighters enter a burning building they enter with confidence and expect the standpipe to be there for them in working condition. The fire fighter are carrying with them their own short hose which they expect to hook up to the standpipe.

On the outside of the building another team of fire fighters hook up the pump truck to your building’s fire department connection that feeds the standpipe and therefore the fire hoses.

Without the standpipe it would impossible to carry a hose long enough to go from the street level all the way to the area were the fire is occurring and fire fighters could not enter the building to fight the fire and would only be limited to spaying water only from the outside of the building.


NFPA 25 is the benchmark that must be followed. Every component of the system must undergo, inspection or testing as per mandated protocol. Additionally, annually parts of the system must undergo maintenance and must be exercised, this intended to keep components young and to enable the company doing the inspection, testing and maintenance to give the property owner reasonable assurance that the standpipe works as it was intended.


The New York City Building Code requires standpipes based on the building height or size of the floors. Stairways that have standpipes are called “attack” stairways. In the event of a fire residents should be trained not to use the “attack stairways” and instead use alternative stairways if available.

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