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Hydrostatic Testing

5 Year Hydrostatic Test

The FDNY requires that your fire sprinkler system's Fire Department Connection (FDC) undergo a hydrostatic pressure test every five years (NYC Fire Code, Section 903.5). After being notified by the FDNY with a violation. (No, you cannot ask for a date, even if you know the due date. You must wait for a violation).

A master fire suppression contractor who possesses a Class A or B license issued by the NYC Department of Buildings, requests, on your behalf, that the FDNY to come and witness the test by requesting an appointment. The FDNY (only by fax) assigns a date, time and issues a test identification number.

Types of Fire Department Connections

What are the most common fire department connections and what do the colors mean?

  • Green Caps idicate that the FDC supplies the fire sprinkler system exclusively,
  • Red Caps indicate that the FDC supplies the stadpipe exclusively, and
  • Yellow Caps indicate that the FDC supplies both the fire sprinkler and the standpipe.
  • On the assigned day a team of testers from Citywide Fire Sprinkler will prepare the system, and hook up an hydrostatic pump to the fire department connection and pump high pressure water into the system. The pump will be disconnected and a compound gauge installed for the test marked or photo taken for later inspection (for up to two hours). The FDNY inspector will conduct a compliance walkthrough ispection of the property while awaiting.

    What Is the Purpose of the Test?

    The FDNY requires the test to ascertain that your fire department connection system can hold pressure if a fire emergency were to occur and the FDNY hooks up their pumper truck to your system. Over time, steels pipes, fittings rust away and pinholes develop.

    The test mimics the pumper truck pressure hook up. In the event of a fire the FDNY doesn't want to find themselves in a situation that by introducing additional pressure to your system your FDNY connection is unable to hold.

    The FDNY ispector is looking to see that the pressure gauge dial that Citywide Fire Sprinkler installed or will install for the test does not go bellow the the allowed pressure loss in the given time.

    Preparing for the Test

    Citywide Fire Sprinkler can conduct a pre-test of your system to make sure that your system is ready ahead of the FDNY test. This allows us to be prepared with the required repairs to make sure it passes the test when the FDNY inspector is present.

    Resolving ECB Violations

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